You, Europeans

Day 105 – The European Union is a big topic in Moldova and I should say that sentences from locals such as “there in Europe…” or “you, Europeans…” still surprise me.

I remember that on my first ERASMUS + project, we laughed at the question “Do you feel more like a European now?”. And had no idea how to answer it. Because I never really understood what it meant to feel like a “European”. And that until I came to Moldova and started working with refugees…

I definitely don’t want to share only the positive moments and I think it’s more than fair to admit that I don’t have unlimited strength and energy all the time. Like every human being.

I often hear all sorts of life stories here, and thanks to the focus of my work, they are unfortunately mostly negative stories. Because of this reason, I should work even harder to keep myself motivated and believe in what I am doing. Is it a paradox that the people I work with are also my biggest motivation?

“Ooh, I’m so happy to see you again, how are you? My daughter is sending greetings to you!”

“My boys were asking about you. They are so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!”

“Thank you so much for everything you are doing for us. You are a great help!”

Tell me… who wouldn’t be happy thanks to these words? 🙂

The past two days were honestly really mentally challenging for me. Together with staff from UNHCR Budapest, I had the opportunity to hear about the life situation and current problems faced by refugees and asylum seekers from countries such as Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, Ukraine, and Russia.

So while drinking a tea with some of them at their “homes”, I only reaffirmed how some of us don’t even realize how lucky we are compared to some other people.

Thanks to those who believe in cooperation more than the competition!

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