What Is Chisinau Like?

Day 68 – Those daily surprises and paradoxes… Since I arrived to Moldova, we had hot water in our apartment just twice. Today, for a change, the water wasn’t working at all. It started to rain on my way to the city center, so not only was the trolleybus ride for me even more „enjoyable“ than usual, but there was also a nice surprise waiting for me on the way to work. 😀

Day 74 – To the question what I think about Chisinau and how I perceive it, I most often answer the fact, that I feel like I am in the town and in the village at the same time. In Chisinau, I feel like I traveled back in time for decades and overall, I don’t have the feeling that I live in the capital at all. If I had to compare with Brno (which is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic) – Chisinau is almost half smaller, but with about twice the population.

For me, both the whole country and this city as well is full of significant contrasts – for example also in case of buildings (yes, there are McDonald’s too) or social classes of the population. The streets are full of both new modern cars, which often compete with each other (and I feel like there are perhaps more Škoda cars than in Czechia), as well as pensioners who sell everything from fruit, vegetables, clothing to the possibility to use personal weight for 1 lei. The dress, the false eyelashes, and the golden teeth (ok, these mostly in case of the older generation) are fashionable here.

When I read through different opinions on Chisinau, I thought that I could understand why for someone it is not really a city that he would fall in love with at first sight. On the other hand, I have been here for almost three months and I must say that I don’t regret this decision at all, because it’s an extremely interesting experience (even though those trolleybuses are really a struggle for me, no doubt about that 😅 …).

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