Trip to Ukraine

Day 93 – An example of the advantage of volunteering in Moldova is also that we had the opportunity to go to the EVS training abroad. With volunteers from Ukraine and Belarus we spent together a couple of days in western Ukraine in the ski resort Slavske. Although the trainers did a great job, given that I have been working in the field of non-formal education and the Erasmus+ program for some time now, the training itself was honestly not as beneficial for me as the opportunity to get to know new places in Ukraine. We spent more than thirty hours in marshrutkas and night trains, and along the way we also planned a visit to the cities of Odessa and Lviv.

While traveling, I really enjoyed how people had absolutely clear idea about where we were from…

A man, Odessa: “Can you please tell me which tram is going to the city center?” “Where are you from? Czechia? Aah, you’re those little Germans, you need to have everything planned!”

Ivan with The Czech Republic T-shirts, Slavske: “You have a nice T-shirt. I’m from the Czech Republic.” “Thanks, it’s almost Ukraine! So we need to drink because of this meeting, vodka!”

A woman from Chisinau in marshrutka: “You speak very nicely, I like your Bulgarian accent. Here you have some apples from the garden.”

A local mountain lover, Slavske: “I know you have a great winter in Canada, but believe me, it’s also quite cold here in the winter!”

Border control: “What’s your name? Alena? Hm… that’s really typical Russian name! Do you have a residence permit?”

I have said this sentence several times already, but I need to mention it again – it’s really worth to visit Ukraine!

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