Day 139A moment ago, my flatmate and I returned from Tiraspol – the capital city of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Although Transnistria still belongs to Moldova by law, now it’s de facto considered as an “independent” state that is supported by Russia. This territory has its own flag with a hammer and sickle, its own currency which officially doesn’t exist but it’s normally valid and used there, three official languages: Russian, Ukrainian and Moldovan written in Cyrillic, as well as the brand “Sheriff” which owns and controls almost everything. Well, and if you get a migration card at the border, it entitles you to stay for just ten hours.

Given all this information, we expected our day to be all sorts of things, but certainly not what it really was. The conformity of all possible coincidences began already in a marshrutka (minibus), where we met a boy from Tiraspol. He planned to go to Chisinau for the first time in his life, but he forgot his passport at home and so he was returned from the border and appeared in our marshrutka. Briefly said – this boy has become our all-day guide. 

In Tiraspol, we also visited nonprofit organization Apriori, whose activities were supported, among other things, by Czech NGO People in Need. So thanks to all these circumstances, instead of taking pictures of tanks, statues of Lenin and socialist symbols, we spent a great day full of enriching conversations and even playing board games over a cup of delicious coffee…

Sometimes things are simply happening as they should.

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