Living in Porțile Orașului

Day 108“Wow, do you live exactly in Porțile Orașului? Aren’t you afraid? “

“No. Why?”

“There are a lot of scary stories about those houses.”

“Well, really thanks for telling me but I luckily don’t know any of them… And I think I’d rather not even know any.”

I should say that this house has taught us a lot so far. For example:

Be prepared – to always have a dry shampoo at home. Not because you are lazy, but because when you least expect it, water stop working.

Be flexible – until now we have been completely without hot water so the kettle wasn’t used only for making a tea.

Be multifunctional – have a phone not only in case when you get stuck in the elevator, but also for being able to have some light in the corridor where is no lamp.

Be tolerant – to listen to your drunk neighbor singing and playing the guitar in front of your door and then quietly put some cotton swabs to the doorbell in order to minimize its ringing. Your neighbor can ring as long as he wants and you can sleep without disturbance. Win-win.

Be patient and don’t give up – if you kill ten mosquitoes in your room during one night, it does not really mean that you have killed them all.

But those views! Those views from the 15th floor of Porţile Oraşului (“The City Gates”) are amazing and really worth it. 😍

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