Politics aka Keeping Your Mouth Shut

Day 238 – What is the common thing between a promise to my mum, content of the volunteer contract in Moldova and work code of UNHCR? That I will, more or less, leave political issues aside.

Elections are approaching and not only the streets are flooded with a pile of leaflets, billboards or videos, but also my browser is under the daily invasion of electoral ads and spots. I moved to another apartment a few weeks ago, so I have currently an opportunity to observe all these political events from a very strategic place, which is located between the Presidential House, the Moldovan Parliament, the Chinese and Russian embassies…

(posters: “Comuniștii la putere – ordine în țară!” – “Communists in power – order in the country!” “Голосуем за социалистов это логично” – “We vote for the socialists, it is logical”)

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