Planting trees in Rîșcova

Day 114 – In order to take a break from the topics we cover in our projects and also to broaden our horizons in another area of ​​interest, me and my French flatmate signed up for a three-day workshop about planting trees Seed It Forward. We were lucky enough that the local organization EcoVisio gave us the chance to participate and we spent past three days in an environmental Eco-Village Moldova located in the picturesque village of Rîşcova. Thanks to the experienced team, the program was really busy and together with the other participants we really appreciated that we could use our new knowledge immediately in practice.

I have already mentioned the topic of ecology in Moldova a few times in my Facebook posts and I am more than aware that finding common ground or understanding from others on ecological topics is often not easy at all here. So what I would like to highlight from the whole seminar is that I was really pleasantly surprised how many enthusiastic and motivated young people had an interest in environmental topics. The final debate stuck in my head – some of the participants mentioned how sorry they are about the situation that many citizens are leaving their country and that’s why the long-term sustainability of the local environment and of Moldova as such is a truly important priority for them.

I would like to really thank all participants for these three days and all those who really care about what’s happening around them!

And once again great thanks to all those who were able to translate into English or Russian for me (as I was the only participant who did not understand Romanian). Until now, I have never felt as a prominent foreign ambassador at an international conference who has the privilege of individual simultaneous translation by whispering to my ear. The perfect, at least bilingual knowledge of the vast majority of Moldovan people still surprises me.

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