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We traveled to Portugal in June 2017, two weeks after Master final exams, exhausted, but motivated to work in the international environment. During the time we spent there, we saw and experienced many things that we wrote down in a form of articles. We want to share with you some of them, so let’s start step by step…

Day 1 and 2 – We already spent nineteen years in a formal educational system, six years of them at the university. A few weeks ago we finally passed our last exams of Masters studies. And now we’re here! We just traveled Brno-Vienna-Zurich-Lisbon and we are starting our 7 months internship in the non-profit organization H2O in the small Portuguese village of Arrouquelas.

Arrouquelas lies roughly in the middle of Portugal in the Rio Maior area and has about 600 inhabitants. The village is a community of people who are very close and trying to help each other. Overall, people are really friendly, positive, and relaxed. Arrouquelas is a place full of colors, where you can relax from the bustle of the city, the noise and crowds of people. At every step we can find beautiful decorated houses with typical mosaics and truly beautiful places. So we hope that we can capture this calm atmosphere of Arrouquelas at least by photos.

And some short information at the end about the current situation: there is one hour less here, the temperature is 25°C, the view from our room is not only on the olive trees and in the air we can smell the scent of the prepared barbecue…

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