Mileștii Mici

Day 100 – What can’t be missed during Moldovan cultural events? In addition to at least one argument in the Romanian language, one argument in the Russian language, a scramble before getting in to the marshrutka and confused faces of foreigners after finding out that nothing is offered on the spot in English, as it was promised in the program, it’s also typical folk dance and delicious local wine 🍷.

This weekend is dedicated to the wine festivities and I used the opportunity to visit one of the main winery – Mileștii Mici. The wine cellars, about 200 kilometers long, hide more than 1.5 million bottles (full!), and that’s the reason why they are listed even in the Guinness Book of Records. It’s quite easy to find Moldovan wines in the Czech Republic, so it’s more than possible that some Czechs have more knowledge about Moldovan wines than about Moldova itself 😅.

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