Karma Is Free

Day 247 – I promised my flatmate, that at least once I had to join her for watching the theater play in Chisinau. So we decided to realize this plan today and we laughed at the fact that we chose a stylish play called “Bus”.

“Hello, can we please have two tickets for today’s theater play?”

“I am sorry, but everything is already sold out.”

“Oh no! Please, isn’t it possible to do it somehow? Maybe just to buy tickets for places in the alley where we can stand?”

„Try to wait for a while, maybe there will be some places free eventually.”

“Excuse me, I would like to ask again if it’s going to be possible?”

“Wait a bit more please.”

The lady from the cash desk: “You know, ladies, we have a really kind director in our theater who would like to invite you to the play.”

Mr. Director: “Is it you ladies, who spoke English here a while ago? Here are your tickets and enjoy the show!”

And that’s how we got to the sold-out theater play for free and even got probably the best seats. After all, I was able to find something positive about local public transport…finally 💪 !

Mulțumesc mult! Большое спасибо  Театр С Улицы Роз 🥳 !

And in the end I would like to share with you a Moldovan way how to get rich in seconds 😆.

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