Happy Return Home

Day 256“Oh, what are you doing here in Moldova?”, a young Moldovan couple asked me.

“Volunteering. And you?”

“We are waiting to get Romanian passports so that we can finally leave the country.”


I decided to end my EVS about a month earlier. At home, only my brother knew that I was going home, and it was a surprise to the rest of the family. There were several obstacles on the way to Chisinau-Vienna-Brno-home, starting with a five-hour morning waiting at the airport. But as soon as I found myself in the Czech Republic, I was honestly excited. When I got home last night, it was funny to see that my family didn’t recognize me at all and had no idea what was going on. 😀

For me, Moldova was definitely one of the valuable experiences I have had through my life so far. And I have to say that I have never been so excited about the condition of Czech roads, drinking water, heating control options, showers with a constant self-set temperature, the possibility of throwing toilet paper into the toilet or normal flushing! Already during the bus ride, I smiled like a fool with every “please, thank you, excuse me”. The boy sitting next to me hit his head when getting up, said “shit”, looked at me, and then we both started laughing. 😀 As well as to the answer of the steward, who answered the question of what magazines they offer: “SEVEN and WHAT LIFE BROUGHT. But that’s even bigger bizarre!”

It is often said that Czechs start to appreciate what they have at home only when they start traveling more… there is something about it.

One final big thanks to everyone who was part of my volunteering in Moldova and for all the farewell lunches, dinners, coffees or yoga. In the end, even this time were tears included. And special thanks to my great colleagues for taking me to the airport with stylish snack in the form of bread and schnitzel! 😀

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