It Will Be Cold, It Will Be Freezing

Day 144 – The cold period I was most worried about already arrived to Chisinau. ❄️ While last winter I enjoyed the sun and cycling in between ripening orange trees in Portugal, in Moldova I am watching how local drivers enjoy splashing melted snow on pedestrians. My psychical and physical (un)preparedness for this weather is also affected by maximum weight limit of my luggage that I had to pack for the period of 10 months, which was only 24 kilos. I am layering the clothes, I have also traditionally started with crocheting and who knows if I will not start praying here as well so the temperatures don’t drop too deep under the zero.

At work I am involved in the preparations for a Winter Charity Bazaar, which will take place at the beginning of December. As during the Summer School, I am meeting again women and children from groups of refugees and asylum seekers and we are trying to create products that will be available for sale at the bazaar. I train not only creativity, when I try to to create “a lot from a little”, but also my patience and ability to assert and justify my own ideas and opinions. Believe me, it’s not always easy. After all the hard days, I really enjoy the moment when I can just sit alone in the room, listen to the calm jazz music, glue decorative stars on paper and give a final look to our products… Well, all the peace and relax is just until the moment when I have to travel back home by trolleybus again.

However, hurray, because finally I am not the only Czech in the group of volunteers! Jakub arrived a week ago, and you have no idea how amazing it is to receive these kind of messages in the morning: “OMG, I went to work this morning so fast that even those old grandmas outside were walking faster than our trolleybus.” “I have to share my new record with you. In the morning I had to let go three trolleybuses until I was able to get in to a bit empty one.” Ah! 😀

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