Carpe Diem

Day 121 – We didn’t get bored this week at all.

First of all, we almost caused an international investigation because of our roommate who did not come home at the usual time and arrived exactly at the moment when we were contacting hospitals, calling and waking up our colleagues, contacting the French embassy, and police was just on the way to our house. (By the way, most people still have phones with them, but how many of us turn off the ringing overnight? And how many of us would really be able to pick up the call when it’s needed?) After complaining about our lack of water, we were dealing with the opposite problem – catching freely running water out from the sink. Currently we are still waiting for a plumber. And this morning we woke up with the news that we were sleeping during an earthquake that appeared here.

“I really don’t understand how you can still laugh at moments like this!”

Well, often there is not so many other options what we can do.

For someone it may sound as a cliché, but enjoy your day and take care of the people around you because you never know when your life will turn upside down from minute to minute.

And as for the pictures – I let myself inspired from our TV news because after all the disasters, it is probably ideal occasion to show a report on animals 👍 .

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