Winter Clothes and Fundraising Campaign

Den 200„Excuse me, do you have any winter jacket for me?“

„We are sorry, but unfortunately there are no men’s winter jackets or shoes at the moment. Do you have at least a cap?“

„No, this is all I have.“

This situation only motivated me more to create my first fundraising campaign!

At the Charity Center for Refugees and Asylum Seekers, where I am volunteering, we are currently facing a complete shortage of winter clothing and shoes for men. Of course, my first idea was to ask for help lokals in Chisinau. For this purpose, I created a poster that calls directly for the donation of winter clothes to our center. However, who sometimes reads my notes from Moldova, the situation is really different from the Czech Republic. Especially in economic terms. For example, when I was going through second hands, I was struck by the fact that the prices there do not differ much from ordinary shops and the quality is really negligible. Oh, how do I appreciate now our Czech second hand shops 🙏 !

So I officially handed over more than 400 EUR to the management of our center, which I managed to collect as part of my winter fundraising campaign. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who helped me with the campaign. More than 30 people from over than 10 countries provided financial assistance, and hundreds of people from 4 different continents took part in sharing the campaign itself.

The campaign was primarily focused on donation of winter clothes, so I am very happy that we managed to get a large amount of clothing from local, expats, ambassadors, European EVS volunteers or American Peace Corps volunteers. For the first time, I learned about the Giving Tuesday Česko event and I even managed to establish a cooperation with the “FreeShop” event organized by the local ecological organization EcoVisio. Overall, I must say that I have learned a lot of valuable things thanks to the campaign, and I really appreciate the kindness of the people around me that I have often witnessed. I would also like to highlight very nice communication with Czech organizations, many of which provided me with valuable contacts, offered the organization of collections or sending clothes.

Almost every Wednesday, I also worked in a temporary center for asylum seekers, where CCR has a room with donated clothes. I tried to take over the clothes, organize it and use even a small space to make everything clearer. Here and there I had valuable helpers as well – not only did they help me with sorting clothes and decorating boxes with titles in all possible and impossible languages, but they also made sure that my own appearance did not fall into the stereotype. 😉

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