Day 9 – Bom dia! Boa tarde! Boa noite! Finally we learned the greetings. There are only two small shops and one café in Arrouquelas. Every Thursday and Saturday there is also a fair where you can buy clothes, fruits, vegetable and fresh fish.

Because we don’t eat fish too often in the Czech Republic we decided to change our attitude about this and also taste something local. Thanks to “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” method we chose the fish called “robalo”. We still don’t have any idea what kind of fish it is but it tasted delicious!

The shopping process, when we tried to explain by using the non-verbal communication that we want fish without bones, guts and head, was funny for us and also for all the people around.

And meanwhile at home? There we are overwhelmed not only by flies but also by melons!

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