A Fairy Tale about Water

Den 126 – In the main roles: Team Dacia 50, NGO ADVIT, plumber Dmitrij, emergency service, owner and his family members, neighbors

Illustration: Oleg Artenii

This story is based (and still continues) on the real situation. Unfortunately.

Saturday – I’m coming home and guys are drying the wet kitchen. They are saying there’s something wrong with a sink. I think they’re kidding. After a while, the water starts to flow out of the sink and I am finding out that this time it wasn’t a joke.

Sunday – At irregular intervals, water comes out of the sink. “It’s normal here”, locals said. We’re waiting for a plumber. He decides to separate the pipe under the sink, plug it with a small plastic cap and said that we probably need some technical engineer. After his departure, the cap flew away under the pressure of water. We dried the whole kitchen again and were changing with a bucket, a pot and a pan on the running water that goes directly to the floor. We’re waiting for the emergency service. An hour. Guys from the emergency service arrived, with the smell of alcohol around them. They said that the pipes are badly made and that they can’t do anything about it. They’re leaving. During that we still can’t believe what is going on around us we started to create a strategic plan, set up an alarm clock for the whole night to watch the water in the kitchen regularly.

Monday – The decision to stay at home turns out to be a very good idea and we started our day by drying the kitchen already in our pyjamas. The water begins to come out again, so in the same time, we were having breakfast, catching and pouring out the water, running to the neighbors and trying to explain them to not use water at all. I was happy to wear my new wellies for the first time. The owner and his brother came. They apologized for the situation and tried to find a solution. However, after a while, we realized that they are more likely to ask us for solutions because they probably don’t know a lot what to do. “For those guys from emergency service you should have offered beer or vodka and they would start working.” We had no idea if it’s a joke, but we felt that there is something weird happening so we decided to don’t laugh this time.

Tuesday – In the morning, the police is ringing at the door, checking if everything is ok for us after reporting the missing flatmate. Boys are staying at home. After returning from work I find that the situation in the flat is the same as in the morning, just there is starting to be more and more mess all around. The flatmates say that the owner tries alternately to solve the situation and drink with our neighbor.

Wednesday – The group of the owner and his brother is growing with another member – their mom came as well. For the rest of the day, the owner decided just to drink with a neighbor.

Thursday – I’m going to work and naively expecting that when I get home, the situation will be solved. Instead of it, I am realizing that all water is stopped in the whole neighborhood because there is also another problem with total sewerage. The owner practices not only his livers but his dictionary of English swearing as well.

Friday – I am staying at home. Surrounded by mess around, with water only in plastic bottles and during the sound of wall drilling I am appreciating the message from my flatmate “Should I bring you a croissant with Nutella or vanilla filling?”

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